Holiday Things To Do in Naples, FL

At the lighting of the Christmas tree on 5th Ave., children’s dance groups perform, and some of the season’s favorite events begin.

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Awaiting their debut

Santa’s little dancers


Precious little angels

Holiday Events in Naples, FL

During the holidays, Naples is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world! Throughout the city palm trees are wrapped with twinkling white lights that transform Naples into a fairyland. There are many things to do throughout the season that will be featured in future blogs.

Santa at The Cottage

Children Harpists








Oooo! It’s snowing!

Snow Bubbles!





Christmas on 5th Ave. In Naples, FL

Celebrating the Holidays with Friends

Celebrating the Holidays with Friends

Naples Florida Holiday Spirit

Naples Florida Holiday Spirit

Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of Christmas on 5th Ave. in Naples, Florida! White lights drape the palm trees that display massive dangling holiday ornaments. In front of Sugden Community Theatre stands a magnificent Christmas tree that was lit on December 1st for the annual Christmas Walk, an evening of music and festivities. Any night during the holiday season is a perfect time to stroll 5th Avenue!

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