Cambier Park, A Sports & Cultural Complex in the Heart of Naples, FL


Playground at Cambier Park in Naples, FL

Playground at Cambier Park in Naples, FL

Tennis in Cambier Park, Naples, FL

   Tennis in Cambier Park in Naples, FL


Cambier Park, just a block from Fifth Ave. In Naples, FL, was a busy place today, July 1st. Young mothers were exercising next to their toddlers at the playground, a foursome was playing doubles on one of the many tennis courts, and a kids’ summer camp was involved in an outdoor project at the Norris Center. Even in the “off season,” Cambier Park offers many things to do for all ages.


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Gorgeous June Afternoon in Naples, FL

My friend cycling at Park Shore in Naples

Shay Cycling at Park Shore 


Segway Tour in Naples, FL

Segway Tour in Naples, 


Today is a typical gorgeous June day in Naples, FL with a tropical Gulf breeze. Contrary to popular belief, summers here are not any hotter than many cities in the North. Locals and visitors alike are out and about enjoying the many things to do: beaches, tennis, cycling, and other active outdoor sports and activities. Come and see what makes Naples, Florida so very special…and why we call it Paradise!


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